PTO: Prayed Time Off is for anyone desiring to walk in their true purpose.

Author London Elixir shares key moments from her personal journey of leaving her nine-to-five to become a full-time entrepreneur as a music producer. A journey comprised of sacrifice, hard work, mental awareness and a leap of faith. 

Prayed Time Off - a spiritual resource management policy that provides employees with a pool of valuable hours that can be used for their divine purpose

This book is designed for those who are ready to discover, accrue or submit their Prayed Time Off! 


This reader is interested in exploring the concept of prayed time off. They have never considered quitting their job to pursue something more fulfilling, but they are interested in the process. They may know someone who is working toward prayed time off and hope to get a better understanding of that drive.


This reader has a passion they want to pursue full time. They don’t want to work their current job forever. So, they make strides toward their passion outside of work. However, they are unsure of what steps to take toward making the shift into full time entrepreneurship. They want to accrue their prayed time off. 


This reader feels they may be ready to quit their nine to five to pursue a passion full time. They just want to be certain of their decision before they make it. They have already taken the steps to accrue their prayed time off, they just need a nudge in the right direction to help them decide the proper time to submit the request. 


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